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Friday, July 13, 2012

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Ted Bell from Ted's of Beverly Hills is looking to have a tv commercial produced but is worried that his "trademark has been infringed." By watching a local commercial for a barbecue place Ted became attracted to the spokeswoman, a "large gal with a big ass." That goes against everything Ted thinks he represents. He's afraid he's going to want to spend more time at the barbecue place than his own restaurant and eventually produce a tv spot with"the same big assed girls in checkered shirts."

RC Collins along with a fellow cadert, only identified as Watson, joined the show to comment on the death of Sage Stallone. RC told Phil that doctors pushing prescription meds illicitly should be reported by "Deepok Choda." Meanwhile Watson kept mumbling about making Micheal Myers, the evil character in the film "Halloween," his "bitch" and was badgering the mess hall staff to make him tater tots.


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