Friday, July 18, 2003

Hour 1: VARIETY.

Hour 2: RERUN of 2003-06-05 hour one. Teaching teenage girls to wax (Part 1).

Hour 3: RERUN of 2003-06-05 hour two. Teaching teenage girls to wax (Part 2).

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    B L Owjabba

    I suspect the show is a repeat of a different show because of a “Fathers Day is this weekend” reference.

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    B L Owjabba

    Lloyd Bonafide tells of how he knocks people out of the left lane in the highway which should only be used for a passing lane. He describes how a woman with her 3 kids were slower than him in that lane while driving a yuppie Escalade. The kids made mouse ears at him which set him off. He,”filled her back window and both side mirrors with the grill of his RV” when she braked to force him to slow down. He did not slow down and rammed her. Then the chaos began….

    Later in the show Bobbie and Steve Dooley talk about a pool party with neighborhood 11 and 12 year old girls. Bobbie “helped” the girls remove hair by teaching them how to shave and wax.

    The end of the show is Phil complaining about people peeing in the pool.

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