Phil and the gang talked about Drake and all the money he has… As Phil chastised Margaret again for belching on the air, she made note of the fact that his “right hand doesn’t look as if its supported properly by his wrist” when he speaks. (Meaning limp-wristed) Back to Drake and hip-hop in general, Phil talked about all the money those guys have including Jay Z at 500 million and the all-time champ, Dr. Dre, at 3 billion after selling his headphone company.

Another sidetrack conversation had to do with “beating off” and Phil’s alleged “beat off” hand motion. A Steve Dooley hip-hop project was also talked about, “I cuddle like a motherfucker….”

Phil and the General got into talking about the show Air Disasters on the Smithsonian Channel which led to a discussion of how you land a plane when you’re dead.

Episode 166 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Steven Burgess

    Mmmm, let’s see: Here we have Phil telling us that young hip-hop sensations can get filthy rich at a young age because (surprise!) fans of hip-hop have enough disposable income left over in their pockets each month to purchase the wares that the hip-hop industry has to offer. You know: just like professional sports, and the publishing industry, and television news, and cosmetics, and cheap hamburgers, and — 0h, yes — “radio”.
    Good ol’ radio. Where a guy with talent can maybe make a little cash if he’s lucky, or make a ton of cash at any age if he’s a raving fascist conservative talk-show host — and sometimes make a fair amount of cash at an older age if he follows his artistic vision, and keeps plugging on for the sake of his art and his fans alike.
    And that’s okay. That’s okay even if you don’t make a zillion dollars before your 30, even if you don’t put quite the same effort into the gig as you used to, but can still crank out a decent, standard-issue sort of product for the folks back home.
    (And I love writing this; and I respect Phil Hendrie a lot. But, for those of you who never knew the Old Show — and even if you did — Man, what a general letdown it’s been these last several months!)
    Really. If you’re so old you can’t possibly understand hip-hop — how could you ever understand this new fluff?

  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    May 8, 2013 – “Picadilly Billy” – This one has to be a current classic.

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