Hour 1:

Dodger baseball with Rick Monday. Rick tells us Dodger Stadium is easy access for Al Queda. Judy Horacks calls in on her 6th Birthday to tell us what gifts she got. Margaret Gray disagrees with Phil on the terrorist attacks, Phil shocks and awes her.

Hour 2:

Phil explains the bullcrap with Frodo the Puppet: What do terrorists want? Professor Husband Gintler joins us with his cultural report: “Man on the Move.” Bud gives Phil a cigar that explodes. Hal & Viola join the program, Hal stalls right from the beginning then blows up. Caller is offended by something he heard Bob Greene say on the program last night.

Hour 3:

Steve Bosell thinks his family is harassing him because of his views on the war in Iraq.

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    “They had blood red eyes. Like his, only smaller.” – Steve Renfield Bosell. I about threw up laughing!

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