Margaret Grey was on to talk about cyber-bullying and the sad case of a child in New York state cyber-bullied on YouTube to the point of a nervous breakdown. Margaret says her son, Jason Jay Delomonico, was cyber-bullied by a girl at his school, “a big kid that would come at him with Cheetoh’s dust on her mouth and hands.” Margaret says Jason Jay “acted out by following another girl into the lavatory and watching her go to the toilet.” For Margaret and she says the school, Jason’s “acting out” was normal. After all, she said, this girl was “a big kid because her father, a big man, got himself a big woman and they made this big kid.”

Dr. Ron Tarner came on with some ridiculous idea that Fox’s 411 Blog naming the top prison movies of all time encouraged prison rape and torture. Ron’s group, an organization of scientists from North America calling itself ‘The Sisters’ was concerned about right wing views in the media. When Phil asked Ron why he named the group after the predatory homosexual prisoners in ‘Shawshank Redemption’ Ron said his group was predatory too but not gay. And Ron wanted Phil’s audience to know that his going into a men’s prison in December for non-payment of child support had nothing to do with his stand on prison movies.

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    What’s wrong with that little girl’s father, anyway?

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    PPS,, im gay,, so suck on that,, your adopted

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    as a gay man and a gay doctor,, i rather giggle at the thought of vicious prison rape,, ummmm,, I wonder what Herb Sewell has to say about Tim robbins,, The Sisters, dusting off the hot seat,, and not wetting the sponge,,Ps What ever happened to Jim Jimco, Steven Lyle David and Lastly,, Randall Toomey,, Did they go fishing,, uhhh huuuuuuu,,, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,, yes Phil,,, Phil? You still there,, Phil????? Air Kisses,, from the Boys on the Alcatraz swim team…

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    I’ve been away on a cruise ship in the Caribbean for the past week. Has Phil been good enough to listen to the entire week’s shows? Thanks.

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    (Margaret makes a Brokeback Mountain reference)

    Caller: I will not stand for that, sir!
    Phil: Brokeback, Brokeback, Brokeback…


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    Ditto to the thumbs up on the wide shot.

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    Agreed. Camera looks better panned out.

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    man, before you zoomed the camera in, it was really nice looking. hi rez

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