Friday, July 25, 2003

Hour 1: RERUN of 2003-06-10 hour two. Decorating selves with military medals.

Hour 2: RERUN of 2003-06-17 hour three. NASCAR courting homosexuals.

Hour 3: RERUN of 2003-06-16 hour two. Harry Potter promotes devil worship.

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    B L Owjabba

    Art Griego – Comedy gold is at the end. Wants to have drinks with his daughter for Father’s Day. She has not spoken to him for 5 years because he felt up.

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    B L Owjabba

    Oscar D’Marca misunderstands the caller: She said,”..I grew up with Winnie the Pooh..” Oscar said,”you played with your poo?!?!” A classic hilarious line from Phil.

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    B L Owjabba

    RC Collins and the other cadets at the military acadamy are proudly wearing replica medals (Bronze Star, Silver Star, Purple Heart, Congressional Medal of Honor). They feel they earned the right to wear them because they are on the “Armed Services team” just like Superbowl winners get a ring even if they did not play in the game. It also helps them attract females at parties.

    Comedy Gold bit character Rudy – “In my country when we see a beautiful woman we say – la la la la …la.”

    Character former driver and current NASCAR consultant Paul “Tubby” Lane discusses marketing merchandising to the Gay demographic because the traditional fans (southern nose picking hillbillies) are not bringing the money to the industry.

    Oscar D’Marca is having a seminar about communication with your kids. His main concern is that Harry Potter is a Satanist’s Tome.

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