The Dooleys were back for part two of their defense of a fertility clinic that refuses to divulge the race of its sperm donors. Bobbie said that Phil making a case for revealing a sperm donors race gave the audience an argument to call in with against Bobbie. “What you’ve done is created a ‘monkey seeing-monkey doing’ situation.

Dr. Ron Tarner has been teaching high school at a Denver area magnet school and has had to deal with teenage girls sexting their boyfriends, often with graphic pictures. Ron got himself into big-time hot water when he had a “closed door meeting with the schools senior girls” and told them that if they trusted him enough to send him a copy he wouldn’t look at it till they were 18.

With Lloyd Bonafide, Margaret Grey and Frank Grey…

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    Is the screen supposed to be
    blurry every 4 or five seconds? Has been since i started my sub 4 years ago. Please fix.

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    dean wheeler said "three thousand people are dead and im the only one counting jars of anal-ez"

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