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Friday, June 1, 2012

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Starting the show tonight was a frank discussion of the George Zimmerman case with RC Collins and Commandant Weirman from Bradley Military Academy. Commandant Weirman had addressed the student body and told them he felt deceived by Zimmerman who told the judge in the case he had no money only for it to be revealed he had collected over $200,000 in a defense fund. Weirman tore off his jacket and "commandant hat" and threw them into the crowd of assembled students before exiting in disgust...

Dean Wheeler joined the show tonight from the Northern California Holistic Center where he and his wife Emerelda were initiating white people as "Indians." The Native peoples are dwindling in number and Dean said "turning white people into Indians will help keep their numbers constant." Dean wound up the hour sending his wife off on her Harley to get beer only to have her return each time with the wrong kind, Since Dean doesn't hit his wife anymore he wound up kicking "a new Indian" Jerry Weisback in the head with a roundhouse.


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