Herb Sewell and Chris Norton both try to explain how one gets a female prison employee interested enough to help one bust out of prison… And Tom Cattan’s “Hollywood Memories” explains very badly why the Grauman’s Chinese Theater ushers stopped wearing “Chinese eunuch costumes.”

Episode 401 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Chris Garguilo
    Chris Garguilo

    Listen to this episode last night. Another classic. The best line is when he tells Cattan that he used to be laid back, but now he is “yelling and screaming about dickless Chinese”. HILARIOUS!

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    Phil, Herb is your Best. Period.

  • Karen

    So good to hear from Herb!

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    ALWAYS love to hear from Herb even when his commentary turns into a train-wreck. That one was a challenge to moderate Phil. Rock on bro.

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      I’ll show u Tampa-town Karen….. Come get some Florida rays. Every nut including myself winds up down here. Myself since ’87…..

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    Everett Cook

    No update from Jay Santos today? Mrs. Mitchell was indicted this PM. She was easy to catch tho. She was, like, at home.

  • Hesperus

    Bud and Margret at the very end were great. Bud eavesdropping and then the knock at the door. =)

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    David Gullickson

    Oh, yeah. I bought ‘Peggy Sue’ when I was in grade school. Nice record. Boy. Thanks.

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