Hour 1:

Darkhorse drummer Jeff Dowder joins the program to talk about bringing music programs back into high schools. Jeff claims that smoking marijuana makes him a better musician, and will make students appreciate music on a higher level.

Hour 2:

“Turn Off Your AC” Phil welcomes Jay Santos, who is going door to door to make sure people are saving energy by turning their air conditioning completely off this summer. Talk show host Jim Rome talks about the horse racing game at Caesars.

Hour 3:

Phil promotes KFI’s Beach Fest. Austin Amarka joins the program to talk about gay dogs. The PHS presents… Darryl Webber & his Funky Chicken Cacophony & Liquor Jamboree.

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    This Jay Santos clip has got to be one of my favorites!

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    Holy crap… Jim Rome as well (just listened again) — hilarious and a must-hear if you ever listened to ‘Romey Rome in the box.’ Phil slayed it on this day.

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    I can’t believe that there are ‘no comments’ on this particular show. It’s an absolute classic and anytime I introduce new people to Phil, this is one of the shows that I play for sure.
    Hours one and two are all time classics… Dowder and Santos at their best.
    Oddly enough I don’t remember hour three so I’ll give it a listen here. Great work on this one Phil & company.

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