Classic Hour

Phil’s still battling that cold, so we’ve got another repeat for today’s podcast from April 28, 2015. The chat tonight is tentative. We’ll keep you posted!

Phil talks Pastor William Rennick into trying frying chicken, something he usually hates. And it’s a particularly spicy fried chicken, which has disastrous consequences. Later, Glenn Hartz of the National Hikers Alliance joins the show to talk about hiking, not backpacking, which one does while wearing knee socks and singing “Knapsack on my Back.”

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from June 17 2004, Margaret Grey with Project Aware is determined to take the offensive word “man” out of the word “woman” by getting male sex organs.

Episode 666 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Enjoyed the talk about football (soccer). I’m a North Carolina native but moved to Europe 10 years ago. Now I am a season card holder for Ajax Amsterdam but of course follow the Premiership. Your knowledge is spot on!

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    At lunch, we were talking about hiking, weekend plans for a colleague. I started in with the “Vallereee, Valleraaaa, ha ha ha ha ha”

    Precious few, at a table of 10, knew the tune. Very pleased to log in to today’s show, and see that Phil knows it!

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