The science fiction film “The Swarm” is the topic of conversation, first off with West Virginia state senators Curt Queedy and Guy Barton. Then Doug Dannger, gay man and gay journalist, discusses the movie’s star power with everyone from Henry Fonda to Patty Duke!

Episode 406 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Ed Noponen
    Ed Noponen

    Phil! You damn near killed me. This Harvey Weirman (or whatever) reading the news had me laughing so hard I — Anyway, brilliant radio!

  • Allen Grooms
    Allen Grooms

    I haven’t seen many comments, but I just want to say that this was absolutely hilarious. Between The General taking it upon himself (multiple times) to ensure that everyone knew it was Phil as Lester Holt, to Margaret interrupting to the point of Phil threatening to “kill the segment” and between all of that, Phil weaving an interview that I continuously forgot it wasn’t Lester Holt. Just damn funny. I believe I had at least three laughbursts while driving, I’ll double check the traffic cam and report back.

  • Rory MacLeod
    Rory MacLeod

    I loved the NPR music for the Lester Holt “interview”.

  • will petty
    will petty

    ‘Oh..You’re ‘freezin’ the Swaarmm Baby. “Bout fucked up the schmaltz in my fridge crazy.’- wait..they’ll Bee no crunching of papers. everything is calm….they canned his Twitter..With!……………news………Sclitoris….phew…Ha ha..twit-oh-Let–SO BUD.You could become…Lester and eclipse Brian Williams….NBC FAT/BLACK SPOT I like “Brine Williams” We’ve ditched the Mule before the bonuses kicked in.. On the Matt Laer morning thing..Hare Rama.. Just Loved it! -Them……they….the Swarm! Yeah.wlp

  • Chris Sosenko
    Chris Sosenko

    Nooooo! Not the bees!

  • Avatar
    Pete Cirigliano

    Holy shit Phil! I very literally spit my coffee across the kitchen with “Katherine Ross got infected by the bee juice and did the bee’s bidding”. And then you couldn’t stop laughing which didn’t help with my choking. Great job, Phil. I say this with complete sincerity, you are absolutely one of the funniest people on the planet. Please don’t ever stop!

  • Anthony

    Harvey Wireman’s news segment is freakin hilarious it gets better every show leave it in Phil!

  • Avatar
    Paul Dintino

    One of the funniest pre-shows yet this year! I love when Phil screws around.

  • SCOTT Forer
    SCOTT Forer

    What do you have in that coffee cup man? Looks like you haven’t washed out the water colors from 1958.

  • matthew hurst
    matthew hurst

    Must do the bees bidding….kill Patty Duke!

    Is The Swarm the killer bee movie where they make the bees gay in the end?

  • Avatar

    Richard Chamberlain, Lee Grant, José Ferrer, Cameron Mitchell, Alejandro Rey

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