Hour 1:

This is it, the final broadcast of the Phil Hendrie Show! Steve Bosell fired one of his female employees for saying he looked “gay” in soccer shorts, Steve says that’s verbal harassment.

Hour 2:

Bel Mar Academy High School teacher Vernon Dozier joins the program to talk about his wife who recently announced that her 68 year old mother-in-law is engaged. Vernon says she shouldn’t have mentioned this at dinner table because it nearly made him vomit. Lloyd Bonifide chimes in, he has a problem with the way Vernon refers to senior citizens having sex.

Hour 3:

Phil spends the last hour of his final broadcast talking calls from fans, friends, and guests of the show including Darren Norris from Team America, Jeff Dowder, Darth Hall, Ted Bell, Frank Gray, April from Salt Lake City, Chris Norton, RC & Mavis.

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    Don Sloan

    It’s 12 years after this broadcast and it still bums me out hearing Phil leave the air when he did. Glad he’s back though I still miss the characters and call-ins. Phil… thanks for the endless hours of laughs. Priceless.

  • David

    But he came back after a year. Lost his prime XM satellite position n time slot. damn, I hated that.

  • Erikk

    Why in the hell is the rest of the final hour missing??

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    I remember listening to this show and feeling so sad :(. So glad Phil is back!!

  • Justin

    What a huge send off. IT TAKES A VILLAGE!!

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    Ron Gift

    Phil -you da man…

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    Really, no comments?…pffft, and you call yourself fans.

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