Tonight Bobbie Dooley commented on the Casey Anthony murder trial. Casey Anthony, in Bobbie’s opinion, has what a lot of women want. She is good looking and she has the eyes of the nation on her. There are nights, Bobbie said, that she looks at her son sleeping and thinks “man he’s really asking for it.” Just kneel on his arms, push the pillow against his face and say the “Our Father” until the thrashing stops.

Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills thinks John Edwards “still has the smell of hog on him.” Otherwise he would have done what Ted does..keep a fund for paying people off that insures nothing makes it into the news. Ted keeps the fund topped off by garnishing ten percent from his food server’s and cocktail waitresses’ tip money. “Ten percent of their tips is generally what they’re going to blow on a meth-addict boyfriend with his Rocky and Bullwinkle haircut!” Huh?

Thanks to Nathan Vine for the Art Bell bit tonight..sorry we fucked it up a little….as well as the Ted Bell. Thanks to Kevin Meyer for inspiring the Bobbie Dooley bit.

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    I'm not one of those who were begging for The Return of Art Bell, but I started cracking up as soon as I heard that Abba soundtrack. GJJ sounds like he's had a few more birthdays since last I heard him, but I loved this bit.

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    I say Allenm74 has shown true contrition, Phil … You must not have cut him off or he couldn't post. its SITTLE that has absolutely no respect for either your show or your fans! I would say take his BSP but that's such a hard core penalty … Its like the death penalty man … Heavy shit!!

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    In Itunes if you go up to controls (at the top of Itunes) then go down to repeat then click one it will keep looping the same track. You can press your keyboards spacebar to stop the loop.

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    Bobbies setup wasn't that great, a lot of weird philler (ie: George Strombo reference) and not a lot of material. The opening is entertaining and it's got a couple of cuties but it really lacks some compelling material.

    Imo, it seems to deviate from Bobbies usual MO. She's focusing more on how she would kill her son, not the shortcomings of other women and how she makes them fall in line to her dictum.

    The bit picks up after the 15 min break as Bobbie goes into some brief scenario of how Bobbie would suffocate her own son… always good for a laugh.

    Despite the disjoint of the material, and lack of callers (2 only) there were some funny moments, some really dark humour and Bobbie yelling at Steve & Phil was absolutely hillarious. It's out of character for her and juvenile, but phunny.

    Ted's setup was technically Ted… Classic Ted (as opposed to Bobbies previous bit), it was also funny and laid some good bait. Great start.

    After the 15 minute break the bit seemed to focus more on John Edwards and his problems…. This bit went on to attract one lame caller for 30 seconds. The bit was not without merit, Ted had some funny comments, quips and a decent scenario involving a waitress giving her tip money to a meth addled boyfriend).

    The bit was funnier at the end as Phil and Ted riffed on "Lonely Bull"… Ended early.

    Art Bell nice to hear… Art and the General didn't sound quite right, compared to the 2006 era. The comments during the Art Bell bit regarding TRN were a little boorish. The material was sloppy, but overall entertaining.

    On the Dannger scale, 3 gay thumbs down, 4 gay thumbs up.

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    Art Bell was great! I was in tears!

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    fabulous show! I could listen to Bobbie yell at Steve for hours.

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    Fantastic show 🙂 loved it

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    Loved the show, no dobut the little twit from Saint Catharines will be here to bitch and moan lol.

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    Phil, this was one of your best and funniest shows of late. Thanks for all of the laughs. Also, thanks for being a little more even-handed in dissing various ideologies. For awhile, it seemed like "liberals" were getting dumped on more than usual. I liked your discussion last night because we know that without both extremes, we wouldn't have a middle!

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    I just want to say, I made a couple nasty comments and got totally chewed out by Phil and he said he will cancel my bsp. I sent him an email sincerely apologizing and I seriously meant it. I so don't want to be lumped into other losers who dis Phil like sittle or whoever. Please phil, that mastercard is the only card i have, been through hard times. I will never make another comment at all on the site. Your show is really the best thing, no one else is as entertaining, i was an idiot and having a bad day that day. Please, like Jesus, turn the other cheek. I even have your blue t-shirt, and its great.

    Honestly sincerely, no sarcasm and anybody else who responds like smart add to this is just as bad as what I did,

    Allen, allenm74. Give me shelter from "pigs on the wing " sir.

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