Friday, June 7, 2002

HR 1 – Phil talks Elizabeth Smart and blowing a rat’s head off with a 22.  Lennox Lewis and Phil discuss boxing and gets chewed out by David G. Hall for impersonating the voice of Lennox Lewis. “That was not Lennox Lewis, that was you doing a ‘black guy voice’!” (HILARIOUS!)  “They said ‘cherrio’ and ‘pip-pip’ and all that bullcrap!”  COMEDY GOLD – Bobbie Dooley talks to a caller about her son Dylan gets ticketed for speeding. Phil talks about horse racing again.
HR 2 – Phil has absolute proof that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Other news, Jennifer Lopez is divorcing (shock of shocks). Chris Norton, wants to propose himself as Jennifer Lopez’s next boyfriend.  Callers comment. Jennifer Lopez calls in to line one. Dean Stanton with the Man/Poultry Love Association calls in with his chicken wife and carton of egg children.
HR 3 –  Phil and his wife have grounded their son and encourages you to become a BSP.


  • Cary

    Hilarious show from start to finish. Though I prefer the hour-long segments to download, this full-show download is fantastic.

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