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Friday, June 8, 2012

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Eric Eisenblatt, criminal defense attorney commented on a case involviong a father beating his son for not making a catch in baseball. the mans actions were videotaped by a neighbor and he was arrested. But Mr. Eisenblatt believed the man was not given the benefit of the doubt. "I don't know a lot about baseball," said Mr. Eisenblatt. "But when my daughter didn't get the home runs I told her to get I decided to show her what a clumsy fool she was. I'd either trip her or just pull her pants down in front of everyone. HaHa." Later 28 year old telemarketer and self-described good looking guy Chris Norton talked with Phil about his "Fifty Shades of Chris" promotion. On the Fourth of July Chris will spank one cheek of any woman's ass hard enough to leave a red hand print if she pays five bucks. "Women like having their ass cheeks painted," said Chris

With Margaret Grey, Frank Grey and RC Collins.


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