Hour 1:

“Pitfall” Phil welcomes Jim Sadler, who interested in having Phil host a game show called “Pitfall” where visually challenged contestants get a chance to win a million dollars.

Hour 2:

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police joins the program to talk about what he believes is a growing sexual tension between OJ Simpson and Denise Brown Simpson. Phil talks about BBQ’ing corn while stoned.

Hour 3:

“Art Bell does Phil” Phil tells the wonderful story about getting his pool installed, and the “big wigs” that come to watch him do his show.

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    Hour 3 is to die for. Especially “Story time with Phil”. What a classic.

  • ron

    P.H. This is outrageous you had me at my workstation at 0450 Hrs. (EST) totally hysteric

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    Sadler at his evil best. Love this bit!

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