Thanks to everyone who came out to the Irvine Improv last night and made the one-man show such a success! It was a blast! For today’s podcast, we’re featuring a couple of classic clips. First, Cadet RC Collins feels that the military should get the privilege to commit crimes and take drugs. Then Bobbie Dooley tells Phil about a family in Western Estates who recently adopted a child from Africa because the wife was unable to bear children. Bobbie says she’s decided to support the family, however she can’t guarantee the baby’s safety.

Episode 336 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Charles Parker
    Charles Parker

    Maybe she called a radio show host who does voices…lol -Very classic and funny. Good show and one of the thousands of reasons I have a BSP

  • Avatar
    King Kapp

    Best RC ever! My favorite character

  • Alex

    @Stephen: If you have personal comments that you’d like to tell Phil, please use the “Email Phil” contact form on the main menu. Thanks!

  • Jamie Roxx
    Jamie Roxx

    haha! very funny stuff!

  • Larry Richardson
    Larry Richardson

    You’re right about the “best of” material. If it had been Elcott I wouldn’t have been so understanding.

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    Kenneth Peabody

    But yesterday he was rehearsing and tomorrow he’ll be tired.

    Still, this is true “best of” material unlike some Elcott crap from a couple of months ago.

  • Larry Richardson
    Larry Richardson

    It should come as no surprise to anyone that today is a repeat. Phil records the shows the night before and last night Phil was kind of busy in Irvine. So I’m giving him a break on this one.

  • Avatar

    Here we go with the reruns … two days in a row now.

  • Avatar

    Choice cuts.

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