Doug Dannger, “gay man and gay journalist” entertainment writer, tells Phil that “Daredevil” is going to stiff next season on Netflix. He says the number of people growing tired of looking at these so-called super heroes with impossible powers is rising. Bob Green loses a bet and is forced to dance an Irish jig. Pastor William Rennick talks about moral weakness in our youth, loving video games more than taking a bath.

Episode 601 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • David Riley
    David Riley

    How about a WANG radio show one day. It would be good to hear some of the shows in the WANG Radio promos. WAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!

  • Andrew

    Consider yourselves lucky. The last time Margaret cut loose and danced like that in the studio her ass took out Bud and The General. So funny, and I’m guessing that would make one hell of a YouTube clip.

  • Michael

    Phil, you must have Pastor William Rennick purchase some air time to play one of the sermons that the General described. I hear that he likes to close the show with the word from Brother Rick James.

  • Avatar

    “Phil, we’re having a boxed lunch and visiting the gift shop at Aushwitz”. more comedy gold from the arrogant mouth of Bobby Dooley

  • Avatar

    “The only time I’ve used cloths pins,, is on Steves’ nipples” as said by Bobby Dooley

  • Avatar
    Susan Chapman-Jones

    Great show today, Phil, You just keep getting better.
    Please don’t throw out that adorable little Sky Baby; I suspect Sky Boy and Sky Baby are alter egos of Crazy Bob, 9 ponds of swinging meat, Bakin, anyway, If you get rid of anyone, please let it be Harvey, or that damn chef at Ted’s place. I hope Margret’s OK after demonstrating an Irish jig; man, that was priceless.

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