Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills has another slogan causing him problems: “Ted’s just had his sausage smoked.” Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police has been busy following lone cars at night on the freeway to see how nervous the drivers get. And Doug Dannger pulls out his “Gay Thumb” rating system for current movies.

Episode 341 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Michael Loeslein

    “I’m nude.”


  • Larry Richardson
    Larry Richardson

    It was great listening to Jay Santos being interviewed in the bath while I listened to the podcast while having a bath. Aaaaaaaaah!!!

  • Barbara Zimmer

    Loved the show!!

  • SCOTT Forer
    SCOTT Forer

    Phil. That repulsive group “Sworn Inn” you play snippets of has the voice resembling that of what’s heard in “The Twilght Zone” #11 “The Fever”. Where tight-fisted Franklin Gibbs portrayed by Everett Sloane, goes crazy after hearing his name Franklin repeated over & over by a slot machine that takes all his money. And finally goes berserk after being chased & pushed out of a hotel window.

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