In a controversial move that created friction within show staff, the Phil Hendrie Show purchased the broadcast rights to the Devil f*cking Fred Phelps, minus lube, and aired the event this morning on the show….

The existence of an animal known as “the traveling squirrel” was discussed by Steve Bosell, Phil Hendrie, and Guy Barton. Barton had written a song called “Traveling Squirrel” 23 days before Ricky Nelson wrote “Traveling Man”.

Phil ripped people that were criticizing coverage of the Malaysia Air tragedy saying he only hoped they lost kids to an air disaster someday.

Curt Queedy and Guy Barton discussed Turkey banning Twitter and at one point General Shaw thought the Prime Minister of Turkey was the same guy that “gave it to William Hayes in ‘Midnight Express’.”

And the show ended with another Bobbie Dooley podcast, in which Steve morphs into “The Fly” and attacks Bobbie and Gene Wiffner.

Episode 82 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    Except for the devil part, this show was hilarious!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Sheila I agree it was too much and I don’t believe this show was funny, if you want funny listen to 2005. Seems like the show is all news now.

  • Avatar
    Eric Lawrence

    Love the show…Just want more phil and crew and less Bobbie Dooley I just turn it off when she comes on.Oh well cant please everybody.Still love the show keep kickin ass Phil!

  • Avatar
    Sheila Bridges

    No not a Muslim I don’t know how many Muslims listen to Phil -I think Phil is hilarious especially when he tells his co hosts to watch their language-hey where the other comments on here that agree with me? Is it true that they all get edited out Alex?

  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    Fuck yeah, Phil is funny!

  • Avatar
    Gregory Vella

    I beg to differ–Phil is funny as fuck, profanity or not. Sheila, are you, by any chance, a Muslim? It is OK if you are….

  • Avatar
    Sheila Bridges

    I try every morning to listen and I have to turn it off the foul mouth is just turning my stomach- PHIL IS NOT FUNNY WHEN HE TALKS LIKE THAT

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