Classic Hour

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Pre-Show and Show that were interrupted by the power failure for Thursday are recovered and played back by Phil for today’s show, including Margaret’s original run at a review of the National Enquirer.

The BSP Classic Hour Is from March 2002. Bobbie Dooley is showing pornographic slides of their Tahitian vacation to their “less fortunate” neighbors at Western Estates HOA.

Episode 1121 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Doug

    Sandy Clam!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Bobbie so funny!!!

  • TwiceRemoved77

    QEW. Must not have had his glasses on.

  • Avatar

    Have you heard of battery backups and surge protectors? I ran couple of mobile laboratories, and can’t imagine risking my work product. Also a propane generator can be set up to kick on if the failure lasts for hours.

  • Avatar

    Hey Phil I am from Calgary…and yes just like the rest of Canada it is bitterly cold here….there is a reason Canada has only 1/10 the population of America…and that reason is weather!

  • Avatar

    I’m from Toronto and I didn’t even know the story of Tim Horton. Thanks for sharing.

  • Edward

    All the liberal shitiots learn their hatred for the species IN COLLEGE….I agree with your doubt about college educations making people smarter.

    Well put.

    • Avatar
      Don MacDonald

      This from someone who most likely was too Goddamned stupid to get into college in the first place who hates all those who did.

    • Avatar

      Edward, why do you con dumbs have to poison everything with your hatred and politics?

  • Avatar

    Phil, if you calculated 5 million in today’s dollars using an inflation calculator, it’s gonna buy relative the same as 1 million in 1974 since you are looking at purchasing power parity.

    • Avatar

      I think he was basically saying that everything was much cheaper in early 70’s. Example, gas was like 15-30 cents per gallon. So yea 1mil is 5mil today but stuff is much more than a 1 to 5 ratio in buying power. My parents house was 24k for basically a 4br ranch in suburbia san antonio and it was pretty new. That same ‘old’ house today is about 170k.

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