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Friday, March 30, 2001

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Brad Riffkin, author of "Falling Out of Favor: The Patsy Ramsey Story", joined us in the first hour. He thinks Patsy killed Jon Benet to re-gain favor with her book club.

The second hour featured Austin Amarca. He thinks that Tim McVeigh was just playing a practical joke. In Saudi Aradia they used to throw flaming camel dung bombs. This was something like that...

Chris Norton started the third hour to discuss his "sessy" phone sales technique. He makes women feel at ease and relax by saying things like, "How ya doin?" "Are you married?"

Phil then went into a rant about the chick artist who stole the Chris Norton "No Bush Day" idea, and has women mail pubic hair to her.

Bob Bakian wrapped things up with reports of spontaneous celebrations that Rosie O Donnel is definitely ending her show in 2002.


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