Don Micksa and Larry Grover debate the GOP debate. Micksa eventually uses his funky breath to ward off Larry and his mother Gloria as they try to retake the phone. Doug Dannger, “gay man and gay journalist,” is on a run with his motorcycle club, but stops long enough to talk with Phil about the new Ghostbusters movie and a film that Doug thinks has the greatest analog special effects of all time… Basketcase!

Episode 591 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • SSWOYER1969

    Great Show! Hey Phil, do you know when the Miami shows will be available?? Thanks!

  • Megalos

    I LOVE the commercials… wish there were more.. may I be so humble as to suggest a commercial for a funeral home with clowns, and possible used car dealership ?

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    robert carter

    Phil’s closing music, for some time now, appears to be “The Lonely Surfer” By Jack Nitsche

  • Avatar
    Sally Luv

    Luv your show Phil. Big fan for about a year now. Always keep it up. HA HA!

  • Avatar

    Anyone know what the name who plays the closing music of todays show?

  • Avatar

    Phil went thru that Apple like a rabbit on the juice! Wow.

  • Avatar

    Love the sky baby and especially the commercials Phil. Keep em coming!!

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