Jeff Dowder was our commentator on news of the Van halen tour being cancelled. Jeff says the fans will just have to suck it up because “Van Halen has given more than the fans have taken and given back.” He said Led Zeppelin, in comparison, was overrated. To prove his point, Jeff demonstrated the drumming techniques of John Bonham and Alex Van Halen.

Dean Wheeler reported from Orlando his fear that evidence in the Trayvon Martin killing case may be misinterpreted. He said that a possible scenario is that George Zimmerman stopped “to take a leak, was shaking off when Trayvon said ‘Excuse me sir can I help you with something,” pulled a 50 caliber Desert Eagle, “went ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boo, boom,’ then stood over the kid and said ‘You just got shot in the belly. Hurts, don’t it?” Dean thinks “that coulda happened too.”

With Lloyd Bonafide and Austin Amarca.

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    Pete Cirigliano

    I seriously spit coffee all over my counter when I heard David Lee Roth has Returned from the Crypt. Frigging hilarious.

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    God in heaven this shit is funny!!! This is great Phil. Great show

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    Margaret Gray is a classic and she never goes out of style!

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    Yes, Dowder! But there's no way that he's still 29! I though he was a Gen-X aged guy. Anyway, hilarious! That's funny that he mentioned Hogue Barmichaels in Newport Beach. That place closed a while ago, but now just was purchased and reopened by Gary Folgner (the owner of the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano). Anyway, YES DOWDER!

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    Just got BSP. This show is a breath of fresh air! Can;t believe it took me this long to find! Keep up the good work

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    "Thug food" – fuckin' great
    "Die-uh-beat-us"- do you really say it that way?
    Congrats on the AMA on reddit :->
    I'll read it tonight


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    Who complains when things are going good?

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    dont worry the next best of all the haters will be posting

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    2 straight weeks in a row of fresh shows and no comments? Guess you all only have something to say when it's negative. Thanks for the ongoing laughs Phil! I got a second job myself so I understand the drive to get out there and do other things for a little extra mula. And it's awesome seeing The Man on New Girl. I'm just more of an Iron Swine guy myself…and you can't beat Phil's history lessons. I laugh my ass off for 2 hours then learn things in the third hour of the show. You can't beat that for 10 bones a month. You could waste that cash on Johnny Depp in another Tim Burton flick were he slaps on clown white and fires of lame one-liners, but I know to me 15 bucks for 2 hours of Danny Elfman repeating himself for the 75th time can't hold a candle to 3 hours a night, 5 nights a week of side-splitting gut-busting laughs. Just don't try to put your meat in my mouth and we'll be square.

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