Phil defended Rush Limbaugh as “an artist and broadcaster” while other “broadcasters” are bagging on him for his sagging ratings. Phil ripped everyone an ass. David G. Hall called in to try and explain how f****ed radio is.

Margaret in honor of the Princes William and Harry sang “Walking in Memphis” (the royal brothers are in Memphis for the wedding of a friend).

Donald Sterling has cancer and Bob Green called in to defend Sterling and say that the NBA needs to put on hold all action against Sterling because he has “dick dysfunction”.

Episode 112 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    gOOD SHOW ESPECIAlly Margaret singing!

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    John Pace

    I’m a big fan of Hornsby and have never heard that he played the piano on ‘Walking in Memphis’, ergo it’s not true.

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    Tim Lewis

    Missing Chris Norton and all his sesscapades. Need a Chris Norton bit to bust my balls laughing. Thanks….Tim

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