Phil opens with show news and how things are falling together.

A caller named Alf speaks a sort of gibberish that only Bud can understand (example; “The ribs at Roma will cause you to dump in the parking lot” means “Oh I really like your show, Mr. Hendrie”).

Dr. Jim Sadler discussed Brad Pitt’s bizarre condition known as Face Blindness. Sadler said he also has this condition and there are some mornings he gets out of bed, doesn’t recognize himself in the mirror and so goes back to bed.

Hours 2 and 3 were Best Of’s as Phil had an early voice session in San Diego. See you next week!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Wow the old one was the best hr 2 and 3 for sure with Margaret calling in about truck drivers looking up her skirt, OMG at first I thought this was new and Phil started taking calls again, the callers were sooooo funny and Margaret was hilarious but she’s funnier on the phone than in the studio.

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