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Friday, May 28, 2010

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Our show began with a discussion of abusive bill collectors, many of whom threaten people with violence or humliate them with name -calling. Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxilliary Police  does some "enforcement collection" as he calls it. He says he doesn't engage in that kind of behavior. He simply tells people that if they don't pay the bill their future 'has suddenly turned black." One woman who owed money on some Kevin Costner videos that went to collection was told by Jay that "no matter how many Costner videos you rent you'll never bag him." Phil announced the "glorious news" that Jesse James as a kid pretended to be the Angel of Death from Auschwitz, Dr. Josef Mengele. Whoopee! Then Doug Dannger, gay man and gay journalist, came on to talk about the passing of actor Gary Coleman...for awhile. Doug said that what he really wanted to talk about was his column about Coleman called "The Happy Freak" and how no one commented on it good or bad and that means they were "blown away" by it. He also dropped a meaningless statistic about Zelda Rubinstien. (??)


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