On our show tonight, David G. Hall checked in to pass along his fiance Tabatha’s observations. She liked Phil doing the Dina Lohan story but didn’t want to hear, yet again, his tired old tale of the time his girlfriend saved him from a tornado.

Meanwhile Margaret Grey let slip the fact she hates the Hukilau song, a song Phil remembered singing in kindergarten. Margaret felt the song was a frenzied “animist, tribal chant, not a nice Christian mambo.” Turns out though the real reason she hates the song is it reminds her of Hawaii, more to the point a guy named “Junior” (“All men in Hawaii over the age of 50 are named ‘Junior'”) who she spent two “sun drenched years with, only to be dropped off half naked at the end of a runway near Honolulu International Airport.”

Margaret also talked about her “close personal friend Dina Lohan who, I am sorry to say, I’d like to knock all the teeth out of, gag, truss up and throw into a sports car with a brick on the accelerator.”

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  • Alex

    @Lon: If each file is playing the same hour then your web browser has improperly stored some data in its cache. Please clear your browser’s cookies and cache, and then log back into the site. That should fix the problem.

  • Mark Monette
    Mark Monette

    It may possibly be your computer or connection, I watched 2 hours on Friday and the rest the next day.

  • Avatar
    Lon Acree

    One fucking hour?!? You have to be kidding me. Goddamn could you please fix the problems on this fucking site?!? PLEASE!!!

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