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Friday, November 16, 2018

Tom Dovka, radio executive, explains his company editorially “backing away” from President Trump. Larry Grover joins and his mother spills the beans on him. Speaking of beans, ELCOTT OverLord Beans Halberstsm has a Secret.

The BSP Classic Hour is from September 2001. Pastor Rennick says reparations for American slavery have begun with the victories of blacks in the US Open and the numerous black NFL quarterbacks.

Episode 1291 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Paul Girolamo

    A subdivision of Kibbey…. LOL!!!!!

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    Karolynn Decker

    Politics + Comedy = Satire.
    Take any political stuff Phil says as satire. Lighten up guys, people have been arguing over politics since time began. Since Grog smacked Groo over the head with his club over who got to wear the cave bear hat. Trump will be gone soon and we’ll be fighting over the jackass who takes his place.

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    Anybody who still supports Trump has a serious mental deficiency. I urge you to get help. Many loyal Republicans like Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, KellyAnne’s husband and many more have hung on to their integrity. I first voted for Nixon, but I recognize that the Republican party of today has become shameful, cowardly and without a moral compass, without a soul if you prefer. I continue to listen to Fox news an hour a day for balance, but they continue to sink to new lows by trying to justify Trump’s aberrations.
    I didn’t like Phil’s patriot radio and his support for Bush and his ridicule of Michael Moore and Pelosi, but the man has unique talent and I have not wavered in listening to his show.

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    I thought it was the liberals who were easily triggered. Guess not.

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    Angry Old White Guy

    I’m going to donate $9.99 a month to the N.R.A. I’m done. Good luck to all. Adios.

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      jason bell

      Good. The NRA desperately needs the money from what I hear. They no longer allow free coffee or water for employees. Financially, they’ve been shot full of holes, so to say.

      And hilarious that you’re too offended by political topics so you’re answer is to donate to a lobbying firm, which is all the NRA is anymore. Godspeed. I hope you’re spared from any hint of political rhetoric by the NRA.

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    If you arent aware of the history of the show just wait I’m sure soon the daily show will be 5 days of old crap I can access with my bsp that it seems isnt worth the money or time anymore. To quote the old promos “It’s suppossed to be funny.” Missing the mark lately mostly sounds like tired angry political ranting and no I am not a Trump follower I just dont want to spend my entertsinment time or money to be beat over the head with someone elses political opinion.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    Yeah this sounds like a repeat.

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    jason bell

    The Trumpkins are butthurt. It’s been a rough week. The spray tanned tough guy they elected couldn’t go outside to honor veterans because his complicated hair can’t get wet. The state of New York has named him an unindicted co-conspirator with his idiotic, dildo lawyer who negotiated his payments to multiple sluts to hide his adultery. Then those dreadful elections that were basically a rebuke of that dumb, orange wad of gelatinous meat they call Dear Leader. The next few weeks don’t look to promising either. It’s easy to see why they’re so delicate and fragile lately.

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    jason bell

    The snowflakes are getting sensitive about disrespecting Lord Orange.

    • Ed Noponen
      Ed Noponen

      Any fans who leave Phil over anything he says about tRump are not aware of the history of the program. Phil has been all over the map. It is extremely painful and irritating for me to listen to his wonderful shows from the early to mid 2000’s due to his fervent support of Bush and the Iraq “war”. He’s been all over the map politically. I’m sure the current groper-in-chief is low hanging fruit, too low for him to ignore. And why should he?

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      You seem to be the agitated one. He won, she didn’t. You need to get over it.

      Calling Pres Trump names shows your IQ to be around -3.

      • Ed Noponen
        Ed Noponen

        L O L ! (BTW, “he” just lost and “she’s” all over the country just won.

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        jason bell

        Good point. This president is way above name calling. Everyone should rise to his erudite level of discourse.

        Seriously, do you Trump people have even a modicum of self awareness?

  • P. Allgood
    P. Allgood


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    Tom Arnold

    Oh goody, more political bullshit. Out.

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