Phil rips Sirius/XM, much to the admonishment of the crew.

Don Berman relates his experience doing squats in the gym and being confronted by a young woman’s father as the result.

And Larry Grover is in Vegas with mother and crying about Obama…

Episode 256 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Jeremy Jacobi

    Phil is just regurgitating leftist propaganda.

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    Tom Simshaw

    Ok Gene Clausen, maybe you did not realize that the GOP did not control either the House or Senate and thus were unable to introduce any legislation at the time healthcare was supposedly improved. Furthermore, it is not unreasonable to believe that neither the healthcare or immigration status quo was bad enough to require comprehensive bills. Look how much worse things are now thanks to Obama/Reid/Pelosi. Hence the midterm results.

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    tom vitek

    Oh for the days of discussing whether or not Jay Santos overstepped his bounds or if Larry Grover will ever move out of his mother’s house. WHO CARES ABOUT IMMIGRATION IN THE CONTEXT OF THIS WEBSITE?????

  • Gene Clauson
    Gene Clauson

    I may be wrong here (though I seldom am) but “publishing their version” as opposed to introducing legislation to correct said problem falls under the category “if you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. Obama thinks he’s king, Obama is over-stepping POTUS powers etc., doesn’t really do much to rectify the wrong that is being claimed.To the Right : quit your fuckin’ bitchin’ and introduce some comprehensive legislation, for that matter introduce some POOR legislation but to sit back day after day and gripe about Obama w/out introducing some bill, hell ANY bill rings pretty fucking hollow

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    Carrie Hubble

    I agree with Tom Simshaw. I hate it when Phil decides to do political commentaries. I listen for the comedic value not the political opinions. If I wanted hear about politics I would put am talk radio on. That being said if you insist on opening your mouth on the subject you might want to know what your talking about first. Don’t let your political leanings define the discussion, let facts do that.

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    Gerardo Cordero

    I thought it was a funny show. Every body has their opinion.

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    Tom Simshaw

    Wow Phil, you couldn’t be more wrong…the GOP has widely published their versions of both immigration reform and healthcare reform. Doesn’t surprise me I guess that you haven’t chosen to take the time to research that. This was a foolish show, and not in a good way,

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