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    I think Phil handled that woman well. It's really hard to believe she is for real with these outlandish rants. What's suspicious is that she actually pauses to listen to Phil and doesn't get too agitated at Phil himself. One might expect a lunatic with such strong convictions to be consistently angry, to interrupt the host, or to even hang up after a few of Phil's comments. She is either a one-of-a-kind crazy person we should admire, or this is some new form of weird ass satire. You don't have to agree with someone's views to find them entertaining. Wild stuff.

    This entire Best of show was awesome!

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    Phil why were you so patient with that "god hates fags" crazy woman??
    That interview really affirmes my belief that religious people are crazy. It's one thing to believe in a fairy tale such as christians do; and that's crazy enough, but it's another to become a ranting moron like her. Stick that bitch in a padded room already.

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