The Rick Sanchez story was discussed by Phil and sponsor Ted Bell of Ted’s of Beverly Hills this evening. In response to reports Sanchez disparaged Jewish people in the broadcast media, Ted told Phil there are just some things an employee cannot say. In fact Ted had to fire one waitress who dared say she supported Obama while Ted was in the building. He fired a bartender who had the bad taste to mention he was Roman Catholic to a customer. And he canned a valet who ran into the restaurant to tell Ted that Jughead of the Archie comics was “a homosexual.” He was wrong. It was new character Kevin Keller. Ted fired him too.

The problem of texting in movie theaters was taken up by Citizen Auxiliary Police officer Jay Santos who told Phil and his listeners that  his crew will be out and about at movie theaters this weekend making sure no one is using their phone to text disparaging comments about movies they are watching to friends waiting outside. Movie theater managers are cracking down on texting in the theater and Jay has seen some of the texts. “This movie smells like one of your fathers farts,” was one message allegedly texted by a mother to a ten year old daughter waiting outside. The purpose is to drive business away from the theater “for kicks.”

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    Phil wrote that comment, and it makes me want to listen to see who Jason is. I mostly listen to the old 2000, 2005-2006 stuff and now that I'm getting caught up I'm listening to the new stuff. Phil, keep writing these comments, thanks!

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    Hendrie is totally manic, a complete self-absorbed, egotistical ass (if this shtick is to be believed). I've known crazies all my life, even talented arses like Hendrie, but what may drive me away from keeping up with the back stage pass is that wimpy little turd Jason. If that guy would tell Hendrie to suck a lemon (or something) I would feel so much better about the show. Producer and Engineer, you guys are pathetic to humor the guy like he's a god, even if this is an act.

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