Hour 1:

Harvey Wireman is on with Phil because he believes the Dove billboards are dangerous to drivers. When Phil asks him why, he goes on to say “because they feature fat women.” Female callers are outraged and offended by Harvey’s comments.

Hour 2:

Lloyd Bonafide is on with Phil because he ate a hot dog from a street vendor in New York City. Phil played a listener flashback titled “Jay’ from 11/03/04. NFL Radical with host Jimmy Crack Corn, Pauly the Italian and Joey the Rabbi. They give their picks for the upcoming games.

Hour 3:

Herb Sewell is on talking about Oprah Winfrey’s $100,000 reward for child molesters. Margaret Gray joins Phil because she does not like the press saying “pumped dry” when referring to New Orleans. Chris Norton is on to discuss his DVD series called “The Chris Norton Experience.” Chaz Nathan is on with his Chaz Nathan’s dope hour.

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