Tonight, as Matt honeymoons with his bride, we rolled a show from February.

It’s Phil talking with Doug Dannger and Steve Bosell about a new video series called ‘Baby Done Gone Wild.” Wait’lll you hear this bit of kookiness as Bosell floats a theory about “the natural instinct of babies to battle each other” and “the discovery of 4000 year old baby fossils that seem to indicate a 4 day battle between babies involving chariots and armor.”

Also Phil talked with Ted Bell about football salary caps and a female kicker trying out with the New York Jets. But Ted’s real topic of discussion was concerning how he was not being taken seriously as a sports reporter. When conversation swung around to how much a Ted cost at his restaurant, Ted blurted out “When Seth McFarland used to sell his ass down on Wilshire for the price of a Ted, his ass was worth exactly $9.95.”

Bobbie Dooley discussed Joan Rivers controversial joke about the Holocaust and Hiedi Klum’s dress. Bobbie said that she and Steve used to be insensitive to the Holocaust as well “until we tried eating that box lunch on the way to Oktoberfest and suddenly felt ill.”

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  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    Matt who?

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    jason bell

    I’m going to post this here so props can’t be lost in the shuffle. The show with Austin Amarka lamenting about his prior pornography addiction was a killer. Literally had to pause it due to loss of breath from laughter. Good shit, Phil.

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