Hour 1:

Pastor Rennick joins the program to explain why it’s good for a woman to be subservient and submit gracefully to her husband. Phil talks about religion, Catholic mass, and root canals.

Hour 2:

Private pilot Art Griego complains that there’s too much air traffic coming into Los Angeles and that tourists should stay home because they are overloading the system. Art also claims that “good pilots” don’t need navigational any equipment at all. Phil

Hour 3:

Gay journalist Doug Dannger joins the program to give away the “emotionally devistating” ending of upcoming movie “Pay It Forward.” Joe Dickhead’s NFL Picks, live from atop the Vegas Strip!!

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    I had never listened to Art Griego before, somehow. It’s my old favorite character, Steve Nichol, reborn! Awesome.

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    I grew up in a Southern Baptist milieu. I remember being in my grandmother’s house with radio voices in the background sounding a lot like Pastor Rennick. Man, I’d love to hear the pastor fill in for a regular preacher on a Sunday radio show…a whole audience of the faithful who aren’t in on the joke.

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    the bit with Doug was the first time I ever heard Phil…and yes, I thought it was real!!!

    • Erikk

      The first time I ever heard Phil was in 2009, and I already knew what his show was about… you’re lucky to have been able to experience the show as an outsider first! Phil never gets old. His show, that is.

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      Did you know that Doug is gay?

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