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Friday, October 21, 2016

A massive cyber temper tantrum today by whomever has slowed to a halt, in some cases, SoundCloud, Twitter, Amazon and others…Our show is still available on iTunes, PodcastOne and for subscribers on our website, and your iTunes subscription… None the less, we’re watching it….

The Dooleys are running an auction to help the Focus Foundation, established to teach women how to just ignore being groped and ‘probed’ and get on with life’s bigger challenges …

Jay Santos talks about the Citizens Auxiliary Police keeping celebrity roasts from going overboard…

Did you know Ted Bell also invented the iceberg lettuce wedge with blue cheese dressing and black pepper? He did. He calls it the “Tedge.”

The BSP Classic Show is from October, 2002. Margaret Gray runs over a homeless girl while drunk. Steve Bosell thinks the media is using words that are too advanced when describing the beltway sniper.

Episode 756 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Johnny Kielbasa

    The Tedge!

  • stephen steinbach
    stephen steinbach

    Listen to Doug D top 10 songs of all time, classic! – A-ha is one of the songs

  • pixel traveller
    pixel traveller

    The video to A-ha’s Take on Me is one of the greatest of all time (sorry Kanye, you suck)

  • TwiceRemoved77

    The Classic Show: Can’t wait to hear the whole thing, a phonecall from it is on a best of CD and because of that, “Beltway” and “Christmas Candy” and anyone making noises with candy in their mouth are triggers for me!

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