Friday, October 25, 2002

Show Log by Paul “Peter and Paul” Dintino
Hour 1:
Phil begins with some news about the snipers and the Nation of Islam. Phil takes some calls on the snipers. Bob Green hates actors in a flashback. Joe Dickhead & The Professor, Live from a roller-coaster at New York, New York in Vegas with NFL Picks.

Hour 2:
Mavis Leonard says senior citizens are saddened the sniper has been caught, because it was so enjoyable to watch on TV. Flashback with Jeff Dowder and his haunted mansion.

Hour 3:
Dean Wheeler is on about his book “Healing in Distress” as he prepares women for the inevitable infidelity by their husbands. R.C. Collins sneaks in to talk about the movie he just saw (Jack Ass).

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    Nothing beats Mavis and the JonBenet Ramsey autopsy photos at the old folks home. Look that one up, future comment readers!

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