Hour 1:

Youth Pastor Dean Wheeler joins the program to talk about “Dean Wheeler’s Hell Home”, a Christian run haunted house where kids can see scenes from the life of Jesus that have been melded with modern film. Viola calls in to complain about the Flu shot shor

Hour 2:

Phil interviews the great actor Gary Oldman live in the studio! David G. Hall and Clara Bingham chime in.

Hour 3:

Morality and You Bobbie Dooley is upset after her neighbor tried to pass store bought brownies off as her own. Phil talks about his hangover.

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  • Dale

    Why have you forsaken me?!?! Haha!

  • Avatar

    Gary Oldman’s interview is GODDAMN GOLD! Seriously, Phil is at his absolute best here. Goldman is incredibly game to give the best interview ever. Awesome.

  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    I like the Dean Wheeler segment, Jesus Christ: chestburster, carpentry accidents, and action hero.

    • Erikk

      Hahhaha… phenomenal bit.
      “Lord, I’m just trying to make a few bucks offa this spooky deal… you bet.”

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