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Friday, October 29, 2010

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Robert Green, otherwise known as Bob, the CEO of Frazier Foods joined Phil to talk with him about Prop 19, an initiative on the California ballot to legalize marijuana in the state. Bob believes the legalization of marijuana will be good for his grocery business because when people smoke weed they get hungry. Bob told this to his employees and told them that he wanted them to vote for it as well. When challenged over the fact that employees who said they wouldn't vote for it no longer worked there, Green said he'd always thought they went off to "work in a religious mission or join a church since they were morally opposed."He couldn't recall firing them outright.

Next hour it was our friend Ted Bell, owner of Ted's of Beverly Hills. Ted was happy that President Obama was able to stop the terror threat posed to the country Friday by bombs place aboard aircraft bound for the United States. But, he said, he was a little sad that maybe just one of those planes didn't turn into "a fireball on the horizon. I'm just saying one...and only one fuselage floating in the Atlantic" might have given the Senate and the House back to the Republicans this Tuesday because Republicans rank high on security issues. Oh well, sighed Ted. You can dream can't you?


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