Dean Wheeler of the Northern California Holistic Center kicked off the show tonight praising the One Nation Rally last week as far better attended than the Glenn Beck rally and showing that the American people support President Obama. Phil and the callers debated with Dean on the numbers but he said One Nation was bigger because half the people at the Beck rally were there for free T-shirts and coffee mugs. Dean claims someone saw Beck signing a womans ass with a felt tip pen.

Next up was Doug Dannger, gay man and gay journalist, commenting on a list of Halloween movies for children. While most seemed okay (a list from the website there was one that was out of place, “E.T.” Doug says he told a woman from an Orange County parent-media group that E.T. was a science fiction, not a horror movie and she said “Thank you. Are there any other questions.” That was it for Doug. “She might as well have said ‘thanks queer but I’m not interested.'”

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