Tonight Robert Green of Frazier Foods in a wide ranging interview about the abuse of grocery coupons by many customers, saving them enormous amounts of money but unfailry punishing supermarkets as well as his comments on the possibility of a strike and his “$15,000 hair system” which he says is mockedf constantly by his checkers.

Also Steve Bosell commented on the forthcoming appearance of Chaz Bono on “Dancing With The Stars” and how “a he that was a she gets a shot at something like Lacey Schwimmer and I ain’t never had a shot at something like that.”

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    Congratulations on a great show, Phil. It was a great night for calls. You were in a fantastically light and jovial mood. Best of all…no producer. You do way better without one, haha.

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    I'm a hop and a skip away from Trinidad Colorado, send Steve my way and we'll give him a shot at Dancing with the Stars. Hold onto that dream, It's all just a snip and a tuck away my friend.

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