Jesse Stevenson/Stony Stitt Archive pt. 36
September 14, 1998

Steve Bosell is suing AAMCO because he got scared during one of their radio commercials with the BEEP BEEP. He lost control of his car and ran into a bus, killing all the kids on the bus.
-Show Log by Charlie Ferguson

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    Alissa McFaddin

    Whoever posted this, thank you so much!!! And I don’t see the clip anymore, but whoever posted the bit with Ralph talking about drinking beer at the Dodger games, I love you!!! That was my first Phil Hendrie show I ever listened to, and I have been searching for it for over 20 years now!!! You are the best!!!

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    Last 3 minutes… The best!! At least it wasn’t my kid…and Otis Redding…

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