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  • kiserSolzi

    Sorry for all the postings, BUT I LOVE the integration of all of the classic old radio ads…. Priceless!!!
    Phil, you’ve got to do some more of the old radio ads as well some of your specials… The football games have some great ads too, albeit a tad different 🙂

  • kiserSolzi

    By the Way…I never laughed so hard in a while. Santa and the elves have some serious gas. And it is just all of the little nuances and intricate humor that makes this another CLASSIC!!!
    Oh, the humanity 🙂

  • kiserSolzi

    P.s..The Christmas carols and songs you played during Margaret Gray Christmas special musical interlude were nothing short of spectacular, tasteful, rare and touching. Very different, obscure but simply beautiful. Thanks so much again… Please don’t ever think your work goes un-noticed or unappreciated….

  • kiserSolzi

    Simply BRILLIANT!! Phil, I feel like you are such an undiscovered hidden talent to the masses. We’ve got to find a way to get you mentioned on other talk shows…you’ve got to get on O & A and Stern, and some of the other popular podcasts out there. I’ll try to do so myself and spread the word. You simply cannot be replaced, and at the same time, a talent and show like yours needs to meet a much broader audience. What a talent!
    Thanks for all that you do. A happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and the family.

  • Shawn Dougherty

    THANK YOU for making the audio downloadable. Like others, this is usually the only way I can listen. Bitchin’.

  • brian bradford
    brian bradford

    I have full price subscription, which is a steal to hear Phils genius, just prefer audio so i can listen on my i pod while i do other things. Audio Please!

  • John Pace

    You gotta pay to play, folks. Duh.

  • brian bradford
    brian bradford

    Give us an audio version PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Susan Chapman-Jones

    Why isn’t there an audio-version O Margaret’s Christmas Special?

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