An Art Bell classic!

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    I was a devotee of Art Bell in the 90″s but your parodies are hilarious.

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    William Dallas

    I think the commercial in this bit is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. If you remember the time period it will have you falling down.

  • Perry Gore
    Perry Gore

    Having been a long time fan of Art Bell, I spent many a night listening to his shows and had become quite fond of his on air character and personality. Having said that, when I first heard Phil’s (the greatest radio personality in the world) imitation of Art, I just couldn’t help but fall out of my chair laughing my ass off! I’ve listened to his Art Bell bits over and over and over again, and they never cease to make me laugh out loud. I hear the same from all of my old Art Bell fans about Phil’s Art Bell imitations. I hope, to the delight of Art Bell fans worldwide, that Phil would someday do some more of these Art Bell skits. Phil, you’re a comedy genius!

  • jake sinsel
    jake sinsel

    The part when Phil cracks up during the horse jerky live read is classic. the whole thing is solid gold, something about the art bell bits just fuckin cracks me up.

    • Perry Gore
      Perry Gore

      Yes jake, that is hilarious. Phil’s lines alway’s makes us laugh, but they’re even funnier when the listener hears him laugh spontaneously at his own comedy!

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