Margaret Grey calls from Atlanta one day after covering the Masters where she says she wasn’t allowed access to the locker room because she is a woman. In point of fact she wasn’t allowed access to the locker room because she forgot her press credentials. But no matter, says Margaret. She’s sure they discriminate against women at Augusta….she just has to figure out how…

Then we welcomed Dave Oliva onto the national show, two days after his appearance on our KFI show. Dave says the reason why there is fan violence is because the ball clubs let people leave early thus pissing off the true fans. Plus, there is reckless driving because NASCAR is providing very poor example with all of those fast races and crashes.

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    If I were self glorifying I would tell you how much money I retired with and about all the charitable work I do with the incredibly poor people on my island … Don't even try it, dude … Besides, I'm talking to Snuggles and Not to you. Its always a bad idea to jump in to a conversation you don't understand. No offense, but exactly what have either of you done to distinguish yourselves in life? Hmmmm????

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    That little self glorification is what's pathetic ometepino.

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    It's not a lie if people believe it….great line from Margaret

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    although i do miss the uncensored, mt vesuvious like eruptions that Phil was having a week or so ago, its great to see and hear things working again – i am sure its not perfect yet, however its easy to see how much more relaxed Phil is and how much better the shows are now. Some people are definitely missing the boat, this is the best Phil reincarnation since the early days. GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK PHIL!!!

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    Ive been listening to Phil for years, listen to the old show and new

    While i will agree that the charachter bids are more tame in new, the NEWS HOUR is halirious. I cant even listen to the old shows because of a lack of Bud presence.

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    Hey Sniffles … You have way too much time on your hands. I am 46 years old, retired for eleven years (in case you can't subtract that means I retired at 35!), I live on a tropical island where I have nothing to do but figure out how to entertain myself …. AND EVEN I DON'T HAVE THE TIME YOU APPARENTLY DO TO SPEND MY WHOLE LIFE ON THIS SITE!!!! MAN OH MAN ARE YOU PATHETIC

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    Typical- NO advancement beyond the initial idea. Not sure if Phil's to busy to sit down and give each bit 20 minutes of prep, but it would sure help.

    You know there were many times in past years were Phil would do 2 or 3 small bits each hour-The Hal and Viola bit or the Frodo the puppet bit all only lasted for a few minutes but they were great to listen to and made the show much faster paced.

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    Marg isn't that great. She's really out of character, no long soapbox speeches and a lack of indignity towards Phil. A couple of minor interjections from Frank. Marg is lying about her recent lockout at Augusta… super patriot bait there.

    20 minutes in and no callers…. 3 callers over 45 minutes all appearing.

    The entire bit consisted of Phil and Marg arguing the point that Marg was allowed into the Augusta lockerroom for interviews, but forgot her credentials so she was locked out so she's just lying that Augusta is anti-woman…. This bit is just lazy, not a single scenario, not a single celebrity name drop from Marg… This material couldn't be further away from PHS episode if it were originating from the high desert.

    Dave's bit looks like a "rerun" from the most recent Saturday KFI show… Which was already 2 hours long… So Phil should have a good idea how to get some laughs out of this…. but he doesn't. Dave believes that the home jersey gets the last say in arguments, you can't provoke them, otherwise you get smacked.

    It's funny on face value, but Phil and Dave are over talking it and it's just killing the material. The callers are dull, and the bit is just really lacking entertainment. Nice shoutout to some guys website… again the best phunny comes from the callers lately. Phil had his first joke of the night at 30 seconds left … pile driving the wife…

    Timely material tonight, three times Phil brought up 911 related comments (Bush related jokes)… Can the real Phil Hendrie step to the mic?

    On the Dannger scale…. 8 sloppy gay thumbs down… *jesus*…

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