Phil tries to discuss with Bobbie and Steve Dooley the Donald Trump controversy but the phrase “juice box” gets in the way… Frank Grey is golfing at Riviera and commenting on the future of Trump… And Father James McQuarters weighs in on Bud’s big question: is Bruce Jenner actually dead or not!

Episode 442 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    kent larson

    Bud not being able to contain himself with Bobbie talking about her “juice box” is absolutely hilarious. Good work Phil. I have been laughing all week about it.

  • Chris Garguilo
    Chris Garguilo

    Thanks for inviting Father McQuarters, one of my favorite priests. Love that he will listen to Caitlyn Jenner’s confession but not Bruce Jenner’s because it would be too long!

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    The guys trying not to laugh at the cherry juicebox comments was too damn funny, I hope the segment makes it on to the YouTube channel

  • Andrew

    Phil if you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend ‘I Am Chris Farley’ which aired on Spiketv tonight.

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      Anthony Santoro, Jr.

      I second that. Very enjoyable and sad too…..

  • Hesperus

    I’m shocked Father McQuarters was passed over for the Pope hat a few years ago. Nice to see he’s still around. Maybe he’s gonna run for POTUS?

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    Kevin McAllister

    Limbaugh is a freaking joke.

  • Brent

    Kim Komando is a syndicated tech talk show thats mainly on during weekends. I think her show is pretty entertaining and it’s been on for a long time. Of course all the talk show hosts you mentioned have put hundreds of local radio personalities out of work over the years thanks to syndication.The days of local talk Neil Rogers, Bob Lassiter, Kevin McCarthy,David Gold and many others are done.

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