The identity of the “mouth siren” cop is finally revealed… Art Griego comments on another downed Indonesian airliner. Jay Santos speculates, rather leeringly, on why a Virginia woman went missing suddenly and almost as suddenly was discovered. And Reuban Ramon Escobar pays the show a visit for the first time in many a day and talks about Trump’s chances with “Hispanic/Latino” voters.

Episode 447 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Decker Sebastiani

    Monday’s Show! Epic Lloyd’s back, shits gonna get real! Then Griego awesome show! The General was invited into the studio. Bobbi wasn’t. Who da fuq do or do does or do dooo does Mr. Bonafide think he is? More Lloyd please!

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    Tom Simshaw

    Wonderful twist with Lloyd Bonafide making a comeback as the ridiculous Mouth Siren Cop. Such surprises keep me a fan, well done Mr. Hendrie!

  • Brent

    Lloyd and General Galen Shaw can live in harmony. Who’s to say Lloyd is not Galen’s long lost older Brother and thats why they sound so much alike. I heard Mrs Shaw, God rest her soul, was known to sleep around….

  • SSWOYER1969

    Bring Lloyd back, Bring Lloyd back, Bring Lloyd back!!!

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    Jerry Radle

    Sir, I fought for my country in Korea! Those WWII boys think they got it over on us Korea boys. The legend lives Lloyd!

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    jason bell

    Lloyd the mouth siren? That tears it.

  • Andrew

    Loved the breaking of the fourth wall today right on down to the iconic tune you used. Also I want you to get 10k subscribers on YouTube too but I consume YouTube 90% on my phone and for some reason on the YouTube mobile iOS app you are identified by name and not by the real bud dickman channel. Try it yourself. I see a faker bud dickman channel, and see a ‘related to’ video of yours pop up but I had to search for Phil Hendrie to find and sub to the actual channel. It’s weird because I know on my desktop I can find your channel via searching for bud dickman.

    [email protected]

    The Art Diego piece was hilarious today. : ) Great show Phil.

  • kevin niren
    kevin niren

    YESSSSSSSS.. Lloyd is back….I love that old coot…Bring him back in the fold. He is my favorite….General Shaw your the man but sorry the Korean war vet has you beat..Thanks Phil for bringing him back. Can not wait from hearing Lloyd again :)…HAVE A CARE

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    So excited for Lloyd Bonafide to be back!

    I was just listening to an old entry with him hitting a disabled kid over the head with a guitar because he interrupted him while singing Elvis by throwing a milkshake cup at him, and justifying it as being a veteran.

    That’s the best of Lloyd – being totally selfish, yet totally clueless that he’s an awful person (and possibly senile). He really thinks he’s in the right when running people over or trying to have Furbys banned (the Lloyd Furby episode is my favourite ever).

    In that sense I think he’s really quite different to General Shaw, who I also love incredibly, more so than in the show today.

  • Gwyneth Jones
    Gwyneth Jones

    Hawkwind album cover: “Margaret on the Edge of Time”

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    Chris McNary

    The anthology of the mouth siren cop is brilliant! Loved that reveal!

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    Great show Phil…Im a Man City supporter for the past 12 years, and when City won the EPL 3 years ago, grown men were in tears in the stadium. It’s called the “Beautiful Game” and it certainly is!!!

    • Phil Hendrie
      Phil Hendrie

      Well they handed Chelsea their ass for sure. Brutal. Question is are any of these teams as good as the Germans or Spaniards

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