Monday, August 2, 2004

Hour 1: Steve Bosell peed in a public pool, but he says it was ok because he drinks tons of water and takes detox herbals so people are just out to humiliate him. Phil closes talking about him eating fast food as a bachelor; mentions the Burger King commercial with the single male.

Hour 2: The first installment of the “Tim Robbins Report” – where we get a sneak peek into the hell of being Tim Robbins. Filling in for Tim is his baritone-voiced wife, Susan Sarandon, reporting from the couple’s bubbling hot tub.

Hour 3: San Francisco nature photographer Warner Charles (a.k.a. Warner Brunagel) speaks to Phil about his latest photo of a package of pork chops, entitled, “The Call of the Wild.” Next, in a flashback from the Democratic Convention, Margaret Grey says that John Kerry’s strength is his ability to see his enemy’s side of things. As evidenced by his actions during the Vietnam War.

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