Hour 1:

Clara Bingham of Joyful Union Congregation joins the program, she believes Anne Heche needs to become straight again. Clara believes that since since her break-up with Ellen DeGeneres, Miss Heche has been babbling incoherently because she is in desperate

Hour 2:

Larry Grover feels he is living in an unjust world because Clinton gets all the action and he hasn’t seen a woman’s breasts in 4 years. Phil talks about protesters.

Hour 3:

Margaret Gray is upset over the fact that her son didn’t get the part in the upcoming Harry Potter movie. Phil talks about Stucky’s Pecan Log.

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  • Cary

    “What a pair”

    –Larry Grover on his mother’s “pair.”

    “He wanted me to put on a Janet Reno mask…”

  • john burton
    john burton

    Wow notice how way back then, prior to the patriot act, that dumbass cop who thought Margaret was real, REALLY wantd to search her medicine cabinet. Like I’ve always said, it takes a certain type to be a cop. Unfortunatly. Power hungry, self righteous and has a fragile breaking point / fuse. Scary to have these people walking around with licenses to kill.

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